Administration Servers Linux and Windows

Also of your CMS (WordPress and Drupal)

To contract!

We offer our service specialized in systems management Linux and Windows. Any distribution and any version of Windows.

Administration UNDER Linux and Windows

We were in charge of your servant

Updates UNDER

Weekly we verified the state of updates of your servant.

Monitoring services

We use PandoraFMS to take an exhaustive control of your machine.

Revision of logs

We look for failures to anticipate itself.

Maintenance CMS

If you need it we were in charge of your WordPress or Drupal.


Our preventive maintenance will inform to you than it needs your platform.


It is always possible that we must take part.

Plans to size

From 40€ to the month

2 hours

40€ to the month by 2 2 or working hours tickets of support.

5 hours

100€ to the month by 5 5 or working hours tickets of support.

10 hours

200€ to the month by 10 10 or working hours tickets of support.

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Home of session
Customized attention
    Commitment satisfaction

    15 days

    If you are not in agreement with our service we give back your money to you.

    *Excepto dedicated domains, licenses, certificates SSL and servers.