Cloud DNS Geolocalizado

Servers DNS distributed by Spain and the USA

He manages the DNS from any service

We make your available our 4 servers DNS Geolocalizados by the world so that your domain solves immediately. Its management is totally is transparent since Integra in your services lodging hosting or servers, is simple and fast.

Administration DNS registered domains

Management DNS for your domains.

All the domains own access to our servers DNS.

Administration DNS Administered Servers vps ssd

Management DNS in Web Hosting.

All our plans of hosting shared include the service.

Administration DNS Administered Servers dedicated

Management DNS in Dedicated Servers and VPS.

If you want it for your VPS or dedicated servant sends a ticket to us.

He verifies the state of your DNS

He realises a test to your domain to know how the state of configuration DNS and thus to correct possible errors. He introduces your domain without HTTP or https and beats TO VERIFY, you will obtain a detailed result.

FAQ: Frequent questions of the DNS and their Management

The system of domain names (the abbreviations of the English DNS) is a service of technology of Internet that allows to translate a name of domain to a direction IP (IP). A domain name is a name significant and easy to remember that it is related to a direction of Internet (IP).

We make your available a white brand for serviores DNS, we down detailed to the IP and location to you of each one of the servers:

  • Madrid (IT IS) - -
  • Alicante (IT IS) - -
  • Los Angeles (the USA) - -
  • Dallas (the USA) - -

In the domain section you must create the GLUE RECORD, also calls personal servers DNS, and point each one of the entrances to one of the IPs of our servers DNS. Once realised already you can modify the servers of names of your domains by the yours own one.

The recommended time of delay in the propagation of the DNS is of 48 hours, but in our case the changes usually propagate less than in 2 hours.

Our system of management of names admits as much IPv4 as IPv6, you only must add pertinent registries AAAA.

A FQDN (abbreviations of the English Fully Qualified Domain Name, name of complete domain) is the complete name to specify a specific location of computers in the hierarchy of a domain.
For example, it can have two groups within the organization of NodeNet; Client Area and maintenance. So we could use the subdomains and If a specific system in the subdomain of maintenance existed, the FQDN of this equipment could be

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