SLA commitment

We trust us for that reason we offer a SLA guarantee

NodeNet is committed to guarantee uptime for unlimited hosting in its served of lodging Web and servers.

Our SLA policy calculates of the following way:

SLA= (H-Hd) /H

Where H is the total hours of the cycle of invoicing.
Where Hd is the hours in which the service has been inaccessible.

When the client notifies by means of ticket the lack of access (NETWORK connectivity) to the service, the following table will be used in which it will calculate the discount to carry out in the following victory:

99,4% - 98%
15% Discount
97,9% - 96%
20% Discount
95,9% - 92%
25% Discount
91,9% - 89%
50% Discount
88,9% - 85%
75% Discount
84,9% - 0%
100% Discount

The lack of connectivity by reasons for administration of their particular servant or a blockade of the fire-guards is not contemplated.

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    If you are not in agreement with our service we give back your money to you.

    *Excepto dedicated domains, licenses, certificates SSL and servers.