Discounts and Affiliates

It saves by vol. by hirings or it brings new clients

When contracting several services in NodeNet you can accede by vol. to discounts.

We detailed you in the following table as obtaining those discounts:

Contracted products0-910-2930-4950-99
Discount aplicable*0%10%20%30%

* In the discounts one does not consider licenses, certificates or domains.

Turn to you into Affiliate

Desire money with the clients to whom you recommend to us

By each client who comes recommended by you you take a 10% of the contracted service!

To give me of discharge

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Home of session
Customized attention
    Commitment satisfaction

    15 days

    If you are not in agreement with our service we give back your money to you.

    *Excepto dedicated domains, licenses, certificates SSL and servers.