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Easy to understand, to write and to remember.

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Possible errata

Your domain in NodeNET:


It controls all the details of your hosting through a simple but complete panel of intuitive user and fast.

Total management DNS

From your area of client you manage from servers DNS to the registries of the same. We count on Resulted DNS.

Support and Help

We will be enchanted to help you yet what you need at any time and through any means.

The same price

The same price for the registry as for the renovation of the domain. Without preoccupations last minute.

Protection WHOIS

You can contract the service of protection WHOIS in the international domains.

Redirection of mail

Beam that his emails is resent to the alternative email addresses so that you can control everything from a single account.

FAQ: Frequent questions: Registry of domains

A domain, as, would be equivalent to a contact of your telephone agenda. He is much more simple to remember a name that a long number (an IP is not practical to remember it and it would not represent your Web either). It is for that reason that always it must be a name simple and easy to remember for all the users.
A direction IP is a unique number of identification for a PC, Servant, component connected to the network. Private ranks of IPs exist and public, these last ones manages them RIPE to prevent that they are possible to be repeated and/or to be made an evil use.
The www is a subdomain of the main domain, can be a registry To or a CNAME, in the majority of the cases solve the same Web. It does not affect in the operation his use and you can choose to put them in the URL of your page or no.
A URL (of the English Uniform Resource Locator) is an Internet address that aims at a webpage. This composing by a protocol, type HTTP or https, and name of domain plus an extension.
An extension, the last part that composes a URL, serves to catalogue the use of your Web as company, organization, blog, destined to a country,…
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