Servers Semi Dedicados SSD Windows/Linux

Technology of virtualization KVM, resources guaranteed for arduous tasks.

KVM 150 W/L


24,14€/Mes with IVA

  • 1 vCore Xeon
  • 15GB SSD

KVM 250 W/L


42,29€/Mes with IVA

  • 2 vCore Xeon
  • 25GB SSD

KVM 400 W/L


79,80€/Mes with IVA

  • 3 vCore Xeon
  • 40GB SSD

KVM 600 W/L


120,94€/Mes with IVA

  • 4 vCore Xeon
  • 60GB SSD

Transference nonMeasured

Platform in Spain [the EU To consult]

AntiDDoS protection

Windows - Linux - BSD - Solaris

With your VPS Semi Dedicado:

Easy management

It controls all the details of your hosting through a simple but complete panel of intuitive user and fast.


It increases and it reduces the resources of your servant demidedicado according to the needs at every moment.

Support and Help

We will be enchanted to help you yet what you need at any time and through any means.


Xeon processors of last generation and 32GB to 96GB of RAM ECC.

Remote Backup

We realise complete weekly backup copies so that your data are out of danger.


Solid state disks in RAID created by Intel specifically for Datacenters of very high performance.


Possibility of selection of datacenter according to your preferences. [Contactar for location in the EU]

Multi DNS

Servers DNS resulted strategically by the world for a greater speed and stability.

AntiDDoS mitigation

We put to your reach a service of pioneering DDoS protection in Spain to mitigate these attacks.

Virtualization KVM

Virtual machine based on the nucleus is a solution to implement complete virtualization with Linux.

Optimized VPS

Under CPanel/Plesk/ISPConfig we formed your servant according to your needs and use so that nothing resists to you.


Our technicians review and maintain all the servers daily so that they are updated and they monitored 24 hours.

FAQ: Frequent questions: VPS SSD KVM/Windows

He is a private virtual servant like all the others, but using the technology of virtualization KVM that provides a level virtualization superior. Servers KVM have guaranteed resources and a yield superior to the other types of virtualization.
The difference is in the type of virtualization. Whereas LXC is a semi-virtualization and the resources share and Linux is only available, in servers VPS KVM the resources completely are reserved for you, you use or no. To the being a type of complete virtualization, VPS KVM have more yield and stability, in addition to being able to install any operating system of the market.
You can use any operating system Windows, Linux, Mac or BSD. In our Control Panel you will be able to find all operating systems available at the moment (as Debian, Windows Server, CentOS, BSD…), if the operating system that you wish to install is not in our servers, it contacts with the technical support of NodeNET for his putting in production.
From the Control Panel of NodeNET, of way very fast and easy you will be able at any time to reinitiate, to extinguish or to reinstate your servant VPS KVM. You have to your disposition a great variety of operating systems and options for your servant VPS. In addition, all our servers VPS count on local graphical console, without needing entering by SSH the servant or using it in cases in emergency.
Servers VPS are very delicate, a line of code badly written and could not start. For that reason, all the servers VPS have the backup copy possibility every 12 hours or 24 hours, or weekly (gratuitous). In addition, you have the possibility at any time of creating 3 snapshots in real time from the Control Panel of NodeNET.
Yes, by all means. From the Control Panel of NodeNET you can improve your servant increasing the lodging plan, at any time. You will only take 2 minutes and only in some cases a resumption of your VPS KVM will be necessary so that the changes become cash.
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    *Excepto dedicated domains, licenses, certificates SSL and servers.