Cheap and administered VPS in Spain with Nodenet

VPS SSD in Spain of Quality and Cheap

KVM 200 LS


19,30€/Mes with IVA

  • 2 vCore Xeon
  • 20GB SSD

KVM 400 LS


31,40€/Mes with IVA

  • 4 vCore Xeon
  • 40GB SSD

KVM 600 LS


55,60€/Mes with IVA

  • 6 vCore Xeon
  • 60GB SSD

KVM 800 LS


84,64€/Mes with IVA

  • 8 vCore Xeon
  • 80GB SSD

Transference nonMeasured

Platform in Spain

AntiDDoS protection


With your VPS SSD of NodeNet in Spain:

Easy management

It controls all the details of your hosting through a simple but complete panel of intuitive user and fast.


It increases and it reduces the resources of your plan of hosting according to the needs at every moment.

Support and Help

We will be enchanted to help you yet what you need at any time and through any means.


Xeon processors of last generation and 32GB to 96GB of RAM ECC.

Remote Backup

We realise complete weekly backup copies so that your data are out of danger.


Solid state disks in RAID created by Intel specifically for Datacenters of very high performance.


Possibility of selection of datacenter according to your preferences.

Multi DNS

Servers DNS resulted strategically by the world for a greater speed and stability.

AntiDDoS mitigation

We put to your reach a service of pioneering DDoS protection in Spain to mitigate these attacks.

Virtualization KVM

It provides major security and yield that any alternative.

Optimized VPS

Under CPanel/Plesk/ISPConfig we formed your servant according to your needs and use so that nothing resists to you.


Our technicians review and maintain all the servers daily so that they are updated and they monitored 24 hours.

FAQ: Frequent questions: VPS KVM SSD Quality

We migrate your webpage to NodeNET free of charge so that you do not have yourself to worry don't mention it. If you want it to migrate, you have several methods following the plan that you have contracted. For example, by means of FTP.
Yes. From your account of NodeNET you can increase to a plan of hosting superior, without lack to migrate nor to hope!
By all means, our service of Hosting counts on help and support of high quality in Spain, at any time and by any means.
It is normal. You need to change the DNS of your domain to directions DNS of NodeNET and to hope to that the propagation of the same is completed. This one process is other people's to NodeNET, reason why we cannot accelerate the process.
Our service of hosting is located in 2 locations, both in Spain. First and more used it is in Valencia in one of best datacenters of Spain (NIXVAL), second in another datacenter of maximum quality R in Galicia.
Very simple: our company takes care of its clients. We offer quality on watch as main characteristic. We take care of the projects of our clients as if they were completely ours, guaranteeing its correct of operation and evolution of the client. We invest to many hours and resources in improving daily our services and products and have a company policy signs and respectful.
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Customized attention
    Commitment satisfaction

    15 days

    If you are not in agreement with our service we give back your money to you.

    *Excepto dedicated domains, licenses, certificates SSL and servers.