WordPress to its maximum power

It optimizes and it assures your WordPress by only 90€/sitio.

To contract

We offer our specialized service of optimization and security in WordPress guaranteed per years of experience working. We are expert in its administration and performance, we know what each site needs to improve its speed without leaving of side the part of security.

WordPress optimization

We improve your PageSpeed Insights

Cache, cache and cache

We implement cache and we as much optimized its expiration of pages, consultations, objects,…

To concatenate

We combine your files CSS and JS to reduce requests to the servant.


Minificamos HTML, CSS and JS to reduce the sizes and to increase the speed of access.

Load in parallel

We form your site so that they load the resources of parallel form.


If you have one we formed it so that it makes use of all the static ones.

Compression GZIP

We qualify the compression to diminish the time of load and use of bandwidth.

Optimization of Images

This optimization is realised in all the images whenever it does not have lost of quality.

We improve the answer

Thanks to all the tasks carried out we improved the answer of your servant.

WordPress protection

We assure and we fortify

We fortify .htaccess

We review, we modified and we created rules to obtain a safe WP

Protection brute force

From attacks to the file xmlrpc.php to based on flood we prevented them and/or we mitigated.

Protection antiSpam

We implement protocols to prevent the Spam reception.

Installation/configuration WAF

With a WAF (Web Application Firewall) we blocked external attacks and we denied the access by countries.

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    15 days

    If you are not in agreement with our service we give back your money to you.

    *Excepto dedicated domains, licenses, certificates SSL and servers.